This blog was inspired by the book Counsel from Psalm 119, by Jay E. Adams. In that book I was reminded once again of the absolute necessity and the complete incomprehensibility of this collection of writings that we call The Bible. Here is one scripture to sum up the purpose and the title:
With my whole heart I have searched for You;
Let me not wander from Your commandments.
-Psalm 119:10
(Translation by Jay E. Adams, in his book Counsel from Psalm 119)
Can you say with this psalmist, that you have searched for God with your whole heart? Is your prayer, the prayer that he prayed? "O Lord, don't let me wander from Your Word!"

In this blog, I hope to post daily (or nearly daily) a small text of scripture. I don't plan on adding much of my own commentary, maybe just a statement or two; sometimes more, sometimes less. But if you would like to add some commentary of your own, or if you would like to share what a passage has meant to you, please feel free.