Thursday, March 08, 2007

Psalm 13:6

I will sing to the Lord,
for He has been good to me.


Here David ends his Psalm as we should all end the thoughts and prayers that we have. He ends with recognition of truth. The reality, though it seemed so bad, though it seemed that God wasn't listening, is that God has been good to him. And this goodness deserves praise, so David will sing to the Lord.

Take a step back and look at your reality. How has God been good to you? Maybe list some ways, and turn that to a prayer of praise.


  1. Good to see your back man.
    I thought I'd check just one more time,.......He's always nearer than I think......


  2. Thanks.

    I didn't known if anyone still read this.

  3. Yeh've been in my favourites for over a year.
    It was a bit lame not giving feed back but this lame dude is taking up his bed & starting to walk.


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