Monday, May 28, 2007

I Peter 1:20

He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.
The focus of the blog has always been personal application. So, even in a verse like this, I have to ask the question, as we always should as we come to God's Word, how can this apply to me today?

Now, this verse is packed with some "big picture" theology, and so many people, when they encounter this kind of theology, they will bypass it, leaving that to the so-called theologians. It is easy for many of us to have this same thought, even though most of us wouldn't admit it, we like things to be easy, we like to be spoon-fed, but this type of theology isn't to be overlooked and left to someone else. It is to become a part of our lives. These types of passages help to establish a correct world view, so that we are more enabled to live that day to day existence.

Consider even this verse. It is right in the middle of a very practical, easy to understand, easy to follow teaching on personal holiness, yet here it is. Take this verse in context: Redemption was planned before the world. Christ was to be the one. His revelation in redemption was for our sake. (So then follow the reasoning...) How can we then, not strive for personal holiness. To be like Him, is the greatest of all goals. God is seeking to work that out in us, and we should be striving for that as well.

But, it is all to be done through Christ.

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