Thursday, June 28, 2007

Psalm 50:17

You hate my instruction
and cast my words behind you.
I don't have the time or the blog space to get into this passage the way I would like to. Maybe one of these days I will get into it a little bit on my other blog. But for now I do want to mention the irony of these people. According to the previous verse, it seems like they are reciting God's laws, but now they are hating His instruction.

It seems strange to me, but as I think about it, not only do I know people like this, I also have been like this at points in my life. Take for example the guy who wouldn't dare take a drink of alcohol, but he is mean and cruel to his family and friends. Or what about the person who is so careful about what they watch on TV, they even give a little oh my! when they hear a bad word, but in their private life or around their co-workers they may not use the exact words but their tempers flare up at the slightest thing.

We all struggle with duality, but the people that are being talked to in these next few passages epitomize it. They use God's words when they want, but when God tries to teach them something about their own selfish heart, they despise Him.

Question your own duality today. Re-evaluate and determine if you fall into this category.

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  1. That's a challenging thought & one that's been hovering around the back of my mind for a while........& now that I'm reading it here shows me that focuss on my part is required.

    Thanks again dude,



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