Friday, August 10, 2007

Psalm 23:5a

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
As the king of Israel, the author of this Psalm dealt with the idea of enemies on a daily basis. There were always people trying to kill him or dethrone him. Most of us who read this psalm don't have to deal with those type of issues, even if we have people who we might consider enemies.

David dealt with these things in many different ways. Many times he would cry out to God for judgment on these enemies. This verse isn't telling us about his desires though, it is telling us about what the Good Shepherd does.

Notice here God's provision once again. A table has been prepared, and it is a king's table intended for private use by the king. Both the word "before" and the word "presence" have to do with being right in front of. I get the picture of David facing off against his enemies, when they find a table between them. See, I used to think this was a in your face kind of passage, but if I am going to interpret this scripture with other scripture, then I must assume that we are to love our enemies. God does have times where He deals out judgment, but it has little to do with us and all to do with God.

God has prepared a table, and it is not to show off His love for you, it is to show off His love for the world and to draw others into the fold.

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