Tuesday, May 14, 2013

John 1:2

He was in the beginning with God. (John 1:2, ESV)
William Barclay says of this first chapter of John:
The first chapter of the fourth gospel is one of the greatest adventures of religious thought ever achieved by the mind of man.
I partially agree with this statement, or at least the sentiment of the statement.  There are verses in this first chapter that leave my head reeling with thought.  The imagination can run away, and I can still not reach the fullness of what some of these verses are hinting at or alluding to.  Right next to John 1:1, which leaves me staggering in my pondering of its meaning is John 1:2, which, if the thought of it is left to bake for awhile in the oven of my mind, it will quite often leave me staring off into space.

There is this time, if we could call it that, before there was time, before there was anything, when it was just God.

In God's Triune Being there was community, fellowship, joy, love, goodness and holiness. We are getting a glimpse, a small glimpse, into eternity past.  You see, when there was a beginning (of all things) there was already The Living Word.

I was going to attempt to wax eloquent on this, but frankly, I can't find the words.  Allow yourself to chew on the concept of Eternity Past, and then marvel that God actually loves you.

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