Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Philippians 1:15

Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. (Philippians 1:15 ESV)
These next few verses are very interesting. Remember, Paul is talking about how all that has happened to him has happened for the advance of the Gospel. The first way, was that Paul had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the Imperial Guard. This has resulted in the entire Imperial Guard being aware that Paul was imprisoned for the sake of Christ. The second reason that he gave that the Gospel was being advanced, was that other brothers were more confident to share the Gospel themselves. But pay special attention here, these emboldened, emblazoned brothers can be divided into two separate groups.

One group is rooted in good will. They have nothing in mind but the best for Paul. There is another group that is actually preaching Christ, they are confidently propounding on the Gospel message, but it is out of envy and rivalry. Envy: possibly meaning that they are envious of Paul's influence and notoriety in the Christian World. Paul was one of the first "celebrity Pastors" that was doing a lot of writing and speaking engagements. Maybe they were envious. Others were full of rivalry, possibly meaning that because of their envy of Paul's position, it had turned into opposition. Maybe they were speaking out against Paul's methods, hoping to dethrone him from his prominent status.

In the next few verses we will see how Paul feels... no... thinks about these other preachers. You might be surprised.

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