Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Psalm 136:2

Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love endures forever.
I have tried to start this post at least three times now, but I keep getting stuck. I want to start off with some commentary about how God is The God. There is no one like Him. There is no power or authority anywhere in this universe that is anything near who He is. But what keeps throwing me off are those two words at the beginning, "Give Thanks..."

Usually when I allow my mind to delve into the bigness and the greatness and the uniqueness of God, it doesn't lead me to thankfulness. Not that it shouldn't or couldn't, but I am usually just starting to feel a little small.

Here is a picture taken by the Voyager Spacecraft on Feb. 14, 1990. It was taken at a distance of over 4 billion miles from earth. In the picture, the blue circle that was added later is around the earth which is shown is a band of sunlight.

This picture is called the pale blue dot because one man when he saw this said something about every man who had ever lived, lived his life out on that pale blue dot. God is so big.

Notice though the end of the verse, just as the end of every verse in this amazing chapter, "...His love endures forever." As infinite as the universe is, it is NOTHING compared to the bigness of God's love! His Love is Forever!

Why should my mind go to giving thanks? This God of all gods loves even me.


  1. This is a cool Psalm.
    My two boys have a book that comes from a song with a line ' My God is
    so big , so strong & so mighty there' nothing that He can not do for you.........this Psalm is like a grown ups version of it.
    When I start rehearsing the height & the depth & the breadth of God, my problems shrink....courage returns and worldliness fades

    The pic's a nice touch.
    Thanks again Matt,


  2. We were in chapel the other day and the speaker was asking the kids to say things that they knew about God. One of the little ones popped up his hand and said, "God it big!"

    One of the teachers next to me leaned over and whispered, "it took me 23 years to learn that, and I have to tell you, He is really big."

    I just thought that was great.

    By the way, I know that song that your kids sing. We used to sing it when we were little.

  3. Yeah......it's in your bones when your a kid, all that expectency & wonder.
    For us grown ups,
    it's a bit like that movie Hook with Robin Williams.
    He's Peter Pan but he's got to go back to lost boys, the kids, to remember how it should be.
    He becomes childlike instead of childish


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