Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Psalm 136:3

Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
His love endures forever.
You might be thinking that this verse is basically the same as the previous one. God of gods... Lord of lords... Let me dig a little deeper.

The word that is translated as lord (both times) is a word that means to rule. Our God is in charge. He is the ruler of all of the other rulers. He is the master of all masters. He is the boss of all bosses!


  1. That's exactly it.
    Gods got to have complete sovereignty in my life.
    It's the inside track to the whole gig.
    ....thing is, even though I know
    this, I so need to practice it more.
    Hardly a day [or hour] goes by before I'm making myself sovereign
    lord of Jono again.
    I want God there but I'm dictating the terms.
    It's usually not long after this that God lets the wind & waves come up and the whole thing comes back to me........I do the dying, trusting & following thing - He does the Almighty Soverign God whose love endures for eternity
    thing......Got it!

  2. And He is Lord, no matter what I do. That is what I have a hard time getting my mind around. He is in control, whether or not I want to admit it and live like He is in charge of me or not.


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