Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Psalm 136:17-18

who struck down great kings,
His love endures forever.

and killed mighty kings—
His love endures forever.
We call Him the King of kings and Lord of lords, because that is exactly what He is. All through Israel's history, at least when they were seeking after God, we can see examples of how God is in control of all things. If there is a king that He wants to take out, He will use whoever He wants to use to make that happen.

He isn't done taking kings out of the picture.

Because of His great love for us, He will continue to take those kings out of the way. Even down to the little kings that are all over the place. Ourselves. Even after we claim Him as Lord, so often we continue to be the kings of our own lives. We continue to make rulings and pass amendments and make judgments, but the great King, who knows much better than us, wants His throne. He will throw down the king of selfishness and pride and take His place.

But just as He has always done, He calls us to participate in this throwing down.


  1. ........after my somewhat negative comment yesterday I realised that in my case that self had become king again.
    Some excavation with God revealed 'stuff' that was hurting our relationship.
    At random, I swung over to Psalm 51:18 & your comments on this verse and found them perfect for my situation.
    'Get up, keep going, give yourself to building Gods kingdom'
    Thanks again Matt.......I zip around the web alot & read heaps of stuff but in this blog, God speaks to me



  2. Even though I don't do this blog for readership at all, I do appreciate it when people comment.

    And I have to say, You are my one faithful reader! I always appreciate what you have to say, and have found it very insightful.

    What always surprises me is that when I type a post that I just seem to think isn't all that good, those are the ones you seem to comment on. Funny.

    Thanks again. As always, you are appreciated.


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