Thursday, October 04, 2007

Psalm 136:21

and gave their land as an inheritance,
His love endures forever.
I don't want to stretch a verse too far. I know from experience how easy it is to make a verse say what you want it to say, so when I come to scripture, I am always trying to come open to the Spirit of God. I am always asking to be taught, in that moment, with that verse. With that said, on to the verse...

This Psalm was just talking about these kings that opposed God's way, and God took them out. Now we get to see what God did with their lands. He made their lands part of the inheritance. It is important to understand at this point that it was all God's to begin with. They didn't really own the lands, so it was always His to give. But these kings claimed these lands as their own and refused God's way.

On a non-political scale, I believe that this is still happening today. I believe that culture and society have claimed several items that belong to God. They have perverted these items, but God wants to give them as an inheritance.

One example of this, if I might be so bold, is the area of sex. (I know in bringing this up, I run the risk of changing the ads listed on this blog to something inappropriate...) Sex was created by God. He came up with the idea. He invented it, and set up its guidelines on how it is best to be enjoyed, and the greatest enjoyment is in marriage.

Society and culture have taken ownership of this. They claim to know best how this is enjoyed. When God's way comes into the picture, they oppose it with everything that they have. God is not opposed though, He retakes what is rightfully His and gives it as an inheritance to His people.

What is sad is when people continue to live under these kings, under their rulings. God will ultimately wipe out all wrong philosophies and beliefs, but in the meantime, He will rid them out of the lives of His children. He will clear the path for our opportunity to live in the promised land today.

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